Kicking off Whatswap Beta Program!

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2 min readApr 20, 2022


We are delighted to announce that the development and deployment of Whatswap is complete on Ethereum mainnet. To ensure the protocol’s security, Whatswap’s smart contracts have been audited by Peckshield.

The growth of Decentralized Finance has seen massive adoption. The volume of decentralized trading has gone up substantially, with Ethereum dominating the market. Widespread adoption of DeFi protocols on Ethereum resulted in congestion on Ethereum, leading to higher and higher gas fees. The need for optimized DeFi protocols has never been more pronounced.

Whatswap was created keeping these things in mind. The core of Whatswap is highly optimized smart contracts to give traders an elite user experience without having to spend a considerable chunk of their funds on gas fees.

As we move forward, we understand that liquidity is an essential aspect of any decentralized exchange. Higher liquidity ensures a smooth trading experience for users without facing any significant slippage on a trade. In addition, the ability to trade multiple currencies in a single place drives users towards a DEX protocol.

Keeping all these things in mind, we will be kicking off Whatswap Beta, where there will be a new partnership with some of the leading protocols in the industry. These partners will help us bootstrap liquidity on Whatswap. Moreover, we will have a wide range of marketing activities with our partners to help us with our global community growth.

Moving ahead, our team will be focussing on bringing more liquidity on Whatswap, driving adoption and listing on DEX aggregators, trackers.

Our website and dapp are now live and ready for our users to dive deeper into the protocol. We have bootstrapped the liquidity for ETH/USDC pair & the protocol has been thoroughly tested over the last few weeks.

Glimpse of Whatswap in action saving massive gas fees for users

Swap transaction link-

User saved 70% gas fees on swap

We invite our community to participate in providing liquidity, creating asset pools and performing transactions to enjoy the massive savings on gas fees.

Whatswap is ready to support a *true* ecosystem.

The tech is next-level.

The Team is pumped.

It’s time to turn our eyes to the community ;)

Click here to visit our website!!

Click here to visit our dapp!!

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